When can I inspect my property during a tenancy?

You may enter the property at a date and time that both you and the tenant(s) have agreed on. However, this agreement cannot be made more than seven days before the entry. In any other case you have the right to enter with 24 hours written notice to the tenant(s), in order to:

– carry out duties specified in your tenancy agreement, Residential Tenancies Act 1997 or any other Act

– value the property

– show prospective buyers or financial lenders through the premises

– show prospective tenants through the premises (within 14 days of the lease termination date)

– verify a reasonable belief that you have not met your duties as a tenant

– make one general inspection in any six-month period, but not within the first three months of the tenancy

You can only enter between 8am and 6pm, and not on public holidays. If the tenant is home, they must let you or the agent in, providing the appropriate notice has been given or agreement reached not more than seven days before.

You can enter the premises if the tenant(s) are not home, providing that suitable written notification has been given. However, it is recommended that the tenants are at home during a landlord or agent visit. The inspection notice must be hand delivered between 8am and 6pm or posted to the tenant(s).