Working Together

Client Representation

When appointed, we act exclusively as a representative for our vendor clients. We deliver an unbiased point of contact throughout the sales process.

Unlike tradition Real Estate Agents, we don’t work with buyers or market property for sale. We specialise in management services only, so client representation is clear and can never be questioned.

Agent Support

We differ from most advocacy companies by actively assisting marketing agents wherever possible. As the goals of our clients are always paramount, we are happy to support marketing agents with strategy.

We can also attend to some of the professional appointments such as building and pest inspections or meet with photographers and copywriters to limit agent downtime.

Our focus is to make the sale process as rewarding as possible for all parties.


Selling a property can be an overwhelming and confusing experience.  At our first appointment and again when appointing the marketing agent, we work to clarify the communication responsibilities of each person.

Another advantage of our service is open communication. We understand that some clients have reservations about giving real estate agents too much information.

You can rest assured that when working with agents we only communicate what is necessary and your confidentiality is assured.

Whether you live locally or out of town, you will be updated throughout the sale process and represented right through to settlement.