What do I need for my rental application?

You will need to fill out all sections within our Tenancy Application form and also sign the back page. We need as much information as possible and correct contact numbers so we are able to contact your referees and process your application as quickly as possible.

In addition to completing the form, we require 100 points of identification for all applicants over the age of 18, current pay summaries and all other documentation to support your application.

Identification points are as follows;

  • Drivers licence = 35 points;
  • Current Passport = 35 points;
  • Birth Certificate = 35 points;
  • Previous 3 rental payments = 35 points;
  • Employment Confirmation = 30 points;
  • Centrelink Payments = 15 points;
  • Gas/Electricity or Phone accounts = 20 points;
  • Medicare or Credit Card = 10 points;
  • Car/Bike registration papers = 10 points.