Professional Fees

Our service will not cost you any extra when you sell your property!

As our entire focus is to assist you, we maintain a flexible approach to our professional fees for service.

As a valued client you choose the level of management service required from our company. You also select the option of paying for our fees directly or under a commission sharing basis.

Either way, we receive a small commission for our advocacy sales management service, while the majority of the commission goes to your Marketing Agent.

If you choose to pay for our service under a commission sharing basis, the only difference is, rather than paying the total commission to one real estate agency exclusively, the commission is divided between our office and that of the marketing agents.

Sharing of commission is a very common occurrence. Whether it is between agents for their roles or on a referral basis, commission sharing is a common practice in real estate.

When exploring these options, you can rest assured that our professional fees are negotiable, agreed upon in advance and committed to in writing.

If you would like further information please contact us, we welcome the opportunity to represent you.