Securing Great Agents

Agent selection

Selecting the right agent is a crucial part of any successful campaign. Choosing an agent based on commissions and fees or market appraisal opinions alone is not the best way to go about it.

Nor is calling a real estate office and settling for who the office sends out. It’s important to know which agent is the most appropriate agent and who would best suit your needs.

At Pick Property we take a holistic approach. By introducing relevant facts and market information we ensure that you are in the best position to make informed decisions.

Proceeding this way could mean the difference between simply getting a result and achieving a fantastic outcome.

We monitor the market, sales data and take into consideration your preferred criteria, your personality and the best suited target market for your property.

From here we help you shortlist the most appropriate agents from the most appropriate agencies, arrange appraisals on your behalf and review all agent submissions with you.

Agent appointment

Once you have selected an agent, we then negotiate on your behalf to secure the most appropriate marketing campaign and fair and reasonable fees for service.

We ensure that you fully understand and approve of all costs relating to the sale. We also make sure all parties are working towards getting you the best possible outcome.

From here, we empower you through documentation, retain our management role, and appoint your chosen agent. We can either oversee the marketing campaign, or if you prefer, we will work with your agent directly.

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the marketing agent, Pick Property can mediate between parties to settle disputes or if instructed we can replace the marketing agent on your behalf.